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Recycle, reuse, reclaim, sustainability, we hear it daily anymore... But what makes it “green” and what does it really mean?

To quote Jan D. Stensland, MS, ASID, LEED:  “Building materials used prior to WWII were predominately made from natural materials.  We now live, work and play in what the EPA has called a “chemical soup”.  With over 60,000 chemicals now in use, the individual effects of even 10 percent of which are not well understood and the combination of which may never be known”.Diane Rosen Interior Design - Green Business Card

“Green building and design practices can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts, reduce operating costs, improve existing unsustainable design, construction and operational practices.” U.S. Green Building Council.

All of this “greenspeak” is meant to  develop a healthier indoor environment for your home and office, reduce our carbon footprint, remove the VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals) found in almost everything from paint to flooring to the fabric your sitting on -  to redevelop a healthier planet and a healthier you.  Best of all, going green has never been easier with today’s endless array of environmentally-friendly options.

What about the cost of going "green"?

What Makes A Green Home?Starting with an energy audit, based on the square footage of your home, is the first step in measuring heat loss and various issues unique to your home.  Costs will vary, of course, with a range of 4% to 10% and possibly more. If you are planning to stay in your home at least 5 years or more,the energy savings will more than guarantee your ROI.Energy Star

Tax incentives, energy star appliances, and “getting on the grid” with geothermal, are all methods to reduce your monthly home/office energy bills, all while reducing overall energy intake and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Take it one step at a time…

Are you changing your flooring? Do you need new light bulbs? Looking for new drapery or furniture upholstery? Time to paint a room or two? Diane Rosen can help you every step of the way with sustainable choices of recycled carpet, FSC sustainable wood,  low or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) paint, and much more.

Thinking of Repainting?
Thinking of Repainting?
Changing your Floors?
Changing your Floors?
Looking for New Drapery?
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